Change is Constant.
Brands need to be change, Too.

Divyen Bhadeshiya Designs is a studio made up of passionate people who love nothing more than finding thoughtful and engaging solutions to our clients’ problems. Founded in 2011 by Divyen Bhadeshiya (Founded Pixidee), it has grown into a team of talented and dedicated designers and project managers.

Divyen Bhadeshiya

Founder & CEO

Siddhraj Vadher


Niraj Gondaliya

HOD - Packaging

Jigar Soni

HOD - Branding

Harsh Aroda

Sales Head

We’re a brand and innovation consultancy.

T o building a brand beyond advertising winning & growing in the market place is what we show. Expressing the essence of the brand to create visual identity & digital & experimental effect on consumer. our vision ideas that makes us different. also we are authentic.

Giving our clients the very best possible solution for their situation and provide great service that fits any budget. We offer a wide range of solutions for nearly any type of products from full branding development & flexible maintenance.

plan ahead: know your needs,be prepared to invest up front, design with an eye of manufacturing, with the real world & the focused towards future in mind.

Superior, responsive customer service and our ability to work with our clients to meet their interactive needs is the key to our success. We are also more reasonable when it comes to our pricing and more affordable than most graphic design, website development and marketing firms. While we are not the cheapest provider out there, our work is top notch with middle of the road pricing.

Prestigious Clientele

There was an old Indian craftsman who carved beautiful little elephants from unpromising blocks of timber. Asked how he did it, he simply replied: “I just cut away the wood that doesn’t look like an elephant. We follow this doctrine within our work practices.”